Nursing Home

Nursing Home

Paratransit and medical transportation can also be used by the family for their relatives who are in a seniors’ residence. TSMO understands the busy schedules of family caregivers who may not always be available for medical appointments. TSMO  has state of the art equipment such as Broda geriatric wheelchairs that are very comfortable for patient transportation. You can feel confident to leave your relatives with our team. It is also possible to bring the beneficiary’s wheelchair or walker for the duration of the appointment.

TSMO favours taking charge from inside the residence or house of the person to be transported in order to avoid risks of falls and uncomfortable positions. We get the person directly from the comfort of their home. The driver accompanies him/her to the appointment location. A complete service, bed to bed if necessary. By leaving a business card with the patient or at the clinic’s reception desk at the end of the appointment, they can call for a quick return to their place of origin.

Schedules are from Monday to Sunday. Whether it is for family or medical appointments, the transportation company is pleased to provide safe transportation for the elderly or people with reduced mobility.

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