TSMO is now more than ever available in Ontario! TSMO can now offer patient transfer services leaving from hospitals in the Ontario province and from private residences and nursing homes. Every ministry of Ontario transportation boards regulations are met by TSMO. We can operate in the Ottawa valley and provide long distance adapted and medical transportation to Toronto, northern Ontario or anywhere you need to go.

Our vehicles exceed certifications and inspection standards and are meticulously maintained at all times. They are equipped with defibrillators, on board ac power and the best available padded geriatric reclining wheelchairs.

Our drivers are trained in first aid, CPR and patient transferring techniques. Our courteous and friendly staff is bilingual, experienced and focused on delivering the best service possible to our clients.

For rates specific to each transfer or for more information, you can communicate with us by phone: 819-778-1602 or via email: info@tsmo.ca

An online request can also be filled directly on our web site

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Gatineau 819-778-1602 | Ottawa 613-454-8015

Available 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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