Patent and Driver Safety Policies

  • Regular thorough vehicle cleaning is amplified, a minimum of once a day for the foor and exterior. And between each user with additonal precautons (iso.)
  • Regular cleaning of the vehicles interior (empty garbage cans, collect waste, change hospital blankets for each patent).
  • If the person shows symptoms of fu-like symptoms (for example: cough, fever, sore throat), the winter blanket gets chasnged before the next user. We recommend wearing a procedure mask ONLY if the client has a cough.
  • Wheelchairs and equipment are to be sanitzed with a recognized virucidal product (3M wipes) afer each use and covered with clean blankets and quilts before installing each patent.
  • Hand sanitizer is to be used regularly or hands washed with warm water and soap whenever possible (for a minimum of 20 seconds) between each user, before entering the hospital, when leaving the hospital.
  • Wear gloves at all tmes inside hospitals or other public places.
  • If the patent is in isolaton or infected and our dispatch has not been informed during the frst trip, we asked to be informed so that we are even more vigilant for the return. Drivers are to ask the nursing staff if the user is requiring additional precautons when picking up the user. (ISOLATION: Additonal fted sheet on the transport chair, mandatory gloves for patent and driver, patient and driver are to wash their hands before leaving the care unit, mask if patient is using droplet precautons, driver to remove gloves and wash hands when passenger is installed  in the transport, renewal of gloves when the driver unloads the patient at the designated place, removal of the driver’s gloves when fnished with the patient + hand hygiene, clean all the equipment that has had contact before departure with 3M wipe).
  • If you have symptoms, please notfy us promptly.

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