We have stretchers and wheelchairs adapted to meet the different needs of our clients. We want to ensure peace of mind for our patients by offering comfort and safety at every trip.


Discover our different equipment to better understand their uses:

The full stretcher is used for patients that require total assistance and full mobilization.

The stretcher is suggested when patients cannot sit at all or move on their own and in cases needing full horizontal positioning for ultimate stability of the hips, back or neck or after an incision in the growing.

Geriatric wheelchair (Broda) with a slide transfer:

This method allows for the patient needing total assistance to be seated after the transfer for a more pleasant ride. Our response time is better than with a stretcher since only one driver is required. The geriatric wheelchair (Broda) is also suggested for full assistance sling transfers.

Geriatric wheelchair (Broda) with a pivot or swivel transfer:

This method is for patients with a questionable or partial ability to stand.

Geriatric wheelchair (Broda) with partial assistance:

Our team responds and helps the patient to that can move on its own to prevent falls. Once the patient is seated we will adjust the chair to maximize comfort.

Motorized stair chair:

The patient must be able to sit and remain in a seated position on their own once installed onto the chair. The stair chair is only used to go up or down the stairs. The patient must be transported in a wheelchair, not a stretcher to facilitate transferring onto the stair chair.

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