CNESST – Work injuries

Les personnes ayant subi un accident du travail ont souvent plusieurs rendez-vous médicaux pendant la guérison de leur lésion professionnelle. Il est donc rassurant de pouvoir compter sur une ressource fiable pour les transporter selon leur condition médicale et l’évolution de celle-ci.

Work accident victims will often have multiple medical appointments on their way to getting back to a working condition. It is reassuring to have a reliable source of transportation that meets the changing needs of their medical condition.

TSMO is an accredited supplier for the CNESST and Rapid City transportation for WSIB claims.

TSMO can bill directly to the institution once the case is approved by an agent for all medical and adapted transfers encountered throughout the process. It makes it simple for the benificiary to focus on his/her rehabilitation without worrying about the paperwork details. TSMO is also equipped to go up or down stairs to allow the patient to overcome obstacles without any additional efforts.

Should it be for an x-ray, a physiotherapy treatment or a doctor’s consultation; TSMO will be there on time to get you to your appointment and back.

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